Short Online Certificate Courses

Thinking of starting your career in Teaching English! Our Short Certificate courses provide the foundation in various teaching area to provide you with the better understanding of Teaching English worldwide.

  • Certificate in Language Teaching Methodology

    You will learn:-

    - Functions and Characteristics of Language
    - Language Variety
    - Language Acquisition
    - Language Teaching Methodology
    - Communicative Competence

  • Certificate in Teaching Language Skills

    You will learn:-

    - Developing 4 Language Skills (Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening)
    - Language Teaching Aids
    - Roles of Learning Material
    - Teacher’s Roles and Responsibilities

  • Certificate in Teaching Linguistics and Language Structure

    You will learn:-

    - Teaching the Language System
    - Teaching Vocabulary
    - Teaching Grammar
    - Teaching Pronunciation
    - Teaching Phonetics

  • Certificate in Designing Lesson Plan and Classroom Management

    You will learn:-

    - Be Able to Plan Effective Lessons
    - Understand What is Involved in Syllabus Design
    - Procedure of Classroom Assessment
    - The Learner’s Role and Responsibilities

  • Certificate in Lesson Planning and Use of Resource for Language Teaching

    You will learn:-

    - Designing Assessment
    - Four Types of Assessment
    - Designing effective lesson plan using effective teaching Aids

  • Certificate in Teaching Creative Writing

    You will learn:-

    - Process Writing
    - Mind map and other teaching writing strategies
    - Different types of essay
    - Different Techniques in generating ideas for writing
    - Implementing an effective writing curriculumProject

Suitable for new teachers to be, Mid-Career teachers, tutors and trainers in other fields.

Advance Standing to Diploma in TESOL with all 6 Certification module with additional assignment required stipulated for the Diploma in TESOL. A processing of Fee of CAD 100 would be required to obtain the additional Diploma Certificate issued from TQUK.

Online course fee per Certificate - CAD150.00

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