Conversational Business English (Advanced Level)


So many people focus on extensive training and education. This is a good thing. We need to be educated to compete in this global marketplace. We need expertise, training and solid knowledge to help us compete, to get ahead. But too many of us forget something else - learning how to communicate. Being able to communicate via the written word is essential to success in business. It's ESSENTIAL to success in business. Why? Because nothing is more important than how you present yourself in writing. You must write emails, memos, business letters and even your resume. Before you even meet potential employers, you are presenting yourself through your writing. What kind of job you get can be affected by how you present yourself through your writing. Writing well is ESSENTIAL to success in business.

Course Contents

  • Basic writing 101
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Email, Business Letters, Reports
  • Memo Writing
  • Promoting your Business in Writing
  • Basic rules of business writing


The Certificate in Business English for Executives is assessed via written assignments.

Entry Requirement

In order for you to gain entry into the Certificate in Business English for Executives, all trainees need to have a sound level of ability in written and spoken English. Student must be in administrative or executive position dealing with business writing and its elements.


Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded with Certificate in Business English For Executives