Certificate in Teaching Vocabulary - 60 Hours


his course is designed for teachers who would like to improve their knowledge to teach their students how to improve their vocabulary. Words are the tools we use to think, to express ideas and feelings, and to learn about the world. Words are the very foundation of learning, and improving students' vocabulary. Students' word knowledge is linked with academic accomplishment.

Course Contents

Methods & Approaches to Vocabulary Teaching

Definitions, The Lexical Approach, Lexical Corpora, The Linguistics or Didactic Approach, Vocabulary Acquisition, Productive and Receptive Vocabularies, many moreā€¦

Learning Vocabulary

Pointers and Advice, wrong & Proper Methods, Association, Aids to learning, Using the Dictionary, Word Learning.

Single Words for many Words

Numbers, Places, Occupations, Characteristics of People, Receptacles, Classifications.

Word Study

Singular & Plural Forms, Gender, Families, Homes, Group Terms, Similes, Sounds & Motions, Associations, Analogies, Antonyms, Synonyms, Homonyms.

Word Formation and Word Building

Prefixes, Suffixes and Roots. Forming adverbs from Adjectives, Nouns from Adjectives, and Adjectives from Nouns. Nouns from Verbs, Verbs from Nouns, Tables of Derivatives.


Compound Adjectives, Compound Nouns, Compound Verbs, Phrasal verbs, Adjective + Preposition, Verb + Preposition, Noun + Preposition, Preposition + Nouns.

Vocabulary Activities

Things in the home, Parts of the Body, Furniture and Fittings, Bits and Pieces, Choose the Word.

Fun with Vocabulary

Puzzles and Games

Testing Vocabulary

Selection of Items, Multiple-choice Items, Associated Words, Completion Items, Modified Cloze Tests.


The Certificate in Teaching Vocabulary is assessed via a combination of teaching practice and written assignments.

Entry Requirement

In order for you to gain entry into the Certificate in Teaching Vocabulary, all applicants should meet the following entry requirement:

  • High School Year 12 English or equivalent
  • Be competent in Spoken and Written English
  • Preferably, students should have a TESOL equivalent qualification.
  • Relevant teaching experience would be considered.
  • If you do not fall within any of the above categories and think you are qualified for the course, please submit all your qualifications and a letter explaining why you should be considered. Your application will then be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate in Teaching Vocabulary from The TESOL Training Centre.

Course Articulation

This course allows student to transfer credits to MSC in Education (TEFL) offered by NSU, USA.

Online course fee - CAD300.00

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